Whirlpool Dryer Repair – How to Replace the Door Gasket (Whirlpool # W10861521)

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Hi, it’s Jack. Today we’d like to show you how to change the door gasket on your dryer. It’s a really easy job. Let me show you how we do it.

Now, the easiest way to do this repair is to remove the dryer door completely. We’ll take the hinge off of the front panel with two screws at each hinge. They’re a positive drive screw.

Although a Phillips screw drive will work.

We’ll just loosen the two bottom screws of the hinges and then remove the two top ones. Make sure there’s somebody to just support that door as you remove the last screw. Then if we take the weight off of that door, we should be able to let those hinges drop down and slide out through the keyhole slots of the hinge.

Now we’ll take that door.

We’ll set it on a suitable work surface where we can change up that gasket. Now the next step will be to remove the reminder of the door gasket that is attached. Perhaps your is still completely intact.

This style of door gasket is actually glued right to the inner door panel.

So it may be a little difficult to remove the remnants of it.

We’ll take a pair of needle-nose pliers. We’ll just grasp that gasket in one spot. Once we have a loose end, you can typically pull that right out of that channel.

We’ll discard the old gasket and we’ll clean up any loose threads that may be tucked behind. Also clean that area completely. We don’t need to remove all of the old adhesive.

It’s still good and firm. We’ll just leave that alone and put some new adhesive on top of that.

Now proper adhesive is a high temp type adhesive specifically for door gaskets. We’ll run a thin bit of that all the way around. Use caution with this type of glue. It tends to be very tacky.

Now, following the manufacturer’s instructions for that adhesive, we’ll let that set for a minute or so until it becomes slightly tacky.

Now, once that is set up some, we’re going to place that gasket into that channel. We’ll use caution as we fit that gasket around so that we don’t disturb that glue. Now we’ll let that set up until that glue is completely dry and then we’ll put the door back on the dryer.

Now we’ll just set those hinges back on the screws that are still in the front panel.

Line up those keyhole slots. That will support the weight of the door. But steady with your hand, then we’ll lift up on it, then line up the top screw holes. Install the two remaining screws.

Close the door up. Our repair is complete.”