Washing Machine Repair – Replacing the Water Inlet Valve (Whirlpool Part # 22001274)

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Hi, it’s Jack from AustinAppliancePros. Today I am going to show you how to change the Inlet Water Valve on your Washing Machine. And it’s a really easy job.

All we need is a 5/16ths nut driver and a pair of Slip joint pliers.

Let me show you how we do it. Now to do this repair we will need to gain access to the back of the washer. So first we’re going to disconnect the power and we are also going to turn off the water supplies and remove the inlet fill hoses.

Now that we have access to the back of the washer, we have removed the inlet fill hoses. We are next going to remove the single 5/16ths screw that holds the water valve mounting bracket to the back of the cabinet.

Once we’ve removed that top screw we can then just lift up on that whole assembly until the bottom slot clears that little tab and we can pull the whole valve out through the back, we can then disconnect the wire harnesses and then unhook the whole harness from the little wire tab in the side of that valve body, put that out of the way and that will give us access to the clamp on the outlet tube. Next using our slip joint pliers we’re just going to press that clamp and slide it up from the hose and then pull the hose off the whole valve. Now next we’ll remove two 5/16ths screws that secure that valve to the bracket.

Then we can discard the old valve.

So we will take our new valve and we’re going to line that up with the outlet from the valve towards the top of the bracket where the screw hole is and reinstall those two retaining screws. And just make sure that we center that valve in the opening. Then tighten those screws securely.

up from the hose and

And next we’ll reinstall that outlet hose; slide it firmly on to that valve till it bottom’s out.

Make sure that we won’t have any twists in it when we put it back into position.

Then reposition the clamp. Now we can reinstall the wire harness, you’ll note that on the mounting bracket there is a C on the bottom and H on the top to indicate cold and hot supplies. So the white and blue connector will go on the bottom.

And the cold supplies and the orange and white will go on the top solenoid for the hot and we can tuck that harness around that hook. And slide the valve bracket back into the cabinet.

Make sure that the bottom sits over the slot and then we’ll reinstall the retaining screw at the top of that bracket. And now we can reconnect the fill hoses. And now we’re ready turn our water supply back on, plug the washer in.

And our repair is complete.

I told you it was an easy job. Thanks for watching and good luck for your repair.