Washing Machine Repair – Replacing the Drain Pump (Samsung Part # DC31-00054A)

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Hi, it’s Jack. Today we’d like to show you how to change the drain pump motor on your washer. It’s a really easy job.

All we’re going to need is a #2 Phillips screwdriver, a 12-millimeter socket with a ratchet and an extension, and a pair of slip joint pliers.

Let me show you how we do it. Now to do this repair, we will need to pull the washer away from the wall. We’ll start by unplugging it.

We’ll also want to disconnect the inlet fill hoses and the drain hose.

Now that we have access to the back of the washer, our next step will be to remove this rear cover.

There are two Phillips screws that hold that in place. Now with the two screws removed, we’ll just lift up slightly on that panel, tilt it away, and we can remove it and set it aside. Our next step will be to remove the drain outlet hose and the inlet hose from the tub to the pump.

Just reach in with the pliers, squeeze the clamp together, and pull it up onto the hose.

There will be some water coming out of that hose normally so have something there to collect that. Pull the hose up and set aside. Now we have those hoses off, we should also check to make sure that there’s nothing stuck in that hose particularly from the tub to the pump.

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Next, we’ll remove the three 12-millimeter bolts. These are a shoulder bolt. There’s a long center portion to the shaft and a short amount of thread on the end.

Next, we’ll need to disconnect the wire harness connector to that pump motor. You may wish to pull it out of the harness restraint that is attached to the base. Just pull it out of that little clip.

Stand the pump up so you can access that connector.

Just depress the locking tab and unplug it, then we can pull that whole pump assembly right out of the washer. Our next step will be to reconnect that wire harness, make sure it’s fully inserted, that the locking tab engages, and then position those three bolt holes or the holes in the base and reinstall the bolts. Then, tighten them with our ratchet.

We have those tightened up.

We’ll next reconnect the tub to pump hose.

Make sure it’s fully inserted onto that inlet tube, then pull the clamp up into position. Next, we’ll reconnect the outlet drain hose. Again, make sure it’s fully inserted onto the pump body.

Position that clamp between those two ribs on the drain hose, and then we can put the back panel on. When reinstalling that panel, take the end that has the tabs that stick out the most and it will fit into those sliding openings on the back, line up the shorter tabs, the little slots on the bottom, push it down until those engage, and then reinstall the two retaining screws.

Now we can push the washer back into position. We’re now ready to reconnect the inlet hoses, reconnect the power, and our repair is complete.