Range/Stove/Oven Repair – Replacing the Top Burner Igniter (Whirlpool Part # 74004053)

Hi it’s Jack from AustinAppliancePros.

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Today we are going to show you how to change the surface burner igniter on your range and it is a really easy job, all you are going to need is a Phillips screw driver and maybe a pair of needle nose pliers, let me show you how we do it. Now before we begin this repair, we will remove power from the range so simply pull the plug from the socket, and then we are going to remove the grate over the burner that we’re changing the igniter on, and then we’ll grasp that burner and give it a good turn counter-clock wise, 1/8ths of a turn and then lift it free, and we’ll see two wires on it and one with a 3/16ths terminal and one with a 1/8th inch terminal, so pull those off if they don’t come off easily use your needle nose pliers, be careful not to damage the terminal ends. Now that we have the burner in our hand we’ll remove the two Phillips screws on the bottom, and we’ll set those aside because we will be reusing those, now we are going to wriggle that igniter out of the burner, and it does go in there with a 90 degree angle on the end of it, so to keep that in mind while we are trying to fish it out of there, and then we discard the old one, and now to install the new one we will do the same thing we will lay it in sideways, tilt it upright and look for the opening and don’t force the new one, there are ceramic insulators on it that we don’t want to crack or damage, so once you ply that up you can take your needle nose pliers just gently pull the igniter through the opening, and make sure that that igniter pokes through that opening nice and straight, and if need be take your needle nose pliers and just gently pull it through, take care not to crack that insulator, and once we have that lined up we can put the two screws in on the bottom, and we’ll replace the two Phillips screws and need to make sure that those are nice and snug, because they do provide a grounding function for that burner. Now we’ll reconnect the wires, make sure the gasket stays in place, and the orange wire with the 1/8th inch terminal goes on the portion of the igniter that has the porcelain insulator, and there is a yellow ground wire that will connect to the end of the mounting bracket, we’ll take that gasket so that it stays in place and we’ll start by pointing the igniter just slightly into that corner, till the burner drops down flush and then you can tighten it by turning it clockwise, and you can replace the grate, reconnect the power and our repair is complete.

I told you it was an easy job, thanks for watching and good luck with your repair.