Range/Stove/Oven Repair – Replacing the Temperature Probe (Frigidaire Part # 316233902)

ll cut the                   harness connector

Hi. It’s Jack from AustinAppliancePros. Today, we are going to show you how to change the temp sensor on your range. It’s a really easy job. All we’re going to need is a quarter inch nut driver or a number one square-head screwdriver, and maybe a pair of wire strippers. Let me show you how we do it.

Before we begin this repair the first thing we’re going to do is to disconnect power to the range. We either pull the plug from the socket or locate the fuse or breaker panel and turn off the power there. The repair will be done from the back of the range so we’re also going to have to pull away from cabinets so that we can access the back panel.With the screws removed, we just take each side of that back panel. Just flex it enough and we can untuck the top edge, tilt it back, and then we’ll unhinge the bottom two tabs and lift the back panel away and set it aside.

We now have access to the temp sensor and it’s held on the oven. It is held to the back panel with a single screw. Remove that screw and just pull the sensor straight back.

Disconnect the wire harness. We’re going to compare that harness with the harness on the new sensor. If they’re the same, it’s a straight replacement, if not we’re going to have to cut that connector off both ends, splice them together and then re-install the sensor.We’ll cut the harness connector off as close to the connector as possible.

That will give us the maximum amount of wire lead to splice to the harness. We’ll just strip that back. You should probably peel back about 3/8 of an inch of the insulated covering on that wire so that we expose enough wire to install our connectors. We’ll do the same with the harness on the range itself. Just cut it off close to the connector and then just carefully twist off wires so that there are no stray loose ends.

We’ll twist two of them together. Make sure that keep the insulation away from that. We’ll install the wire nuts. I’m going to do the same to the opposite one.

I’m just going to peel a little bit more of this one off.There we go. We may need to pull a little bit extra wire down on that harness and then we’ll insert that sensor straight through the back wall and we install the screw. Now we can put the back panel back on. When installing the back panel, we want to make sure that we catch the tabs on the bottom of the sub back panel with the with the upper back panel and the little cut out around the cord has to fit. Let’s try that again.

When installing the back panel, we want to make sure that we engage these two tabs on the bottom with the back panel. [unintelligible 00:05:12] well that we line up that cutout for the cord. Tilt one side in, then the other should tilt freely up in the position.Just flex it again and tuck it up under the upper back panel. We’re now ready to reconnect the power and our repair is complete.

Told you, it was an easy job. Thanks for watching and good luck with your repair.