How to Replace a Lower Oven Element

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Hi I’m Jack from AustinAppliancePros. In this article I’ll be showing how to change the lower oven element in this K3E1 Indesit cooker. There are two types of oven, fan assisted and convection so if you’re using a fan assisted oven in convection mode. Or if you often doesn’t have a fan and it’s not heating correctly it may well be that the lower element needs replacing.

On none fan assisted ovens the grill element and the lower element combine to give the oven it’s heat so if your grill is functioning correctly but you can get the desired heat in the oven it’s likely that the low element is the problem and will need replacing. Now before beginning any work on a appliance always make sure it’s disconnected from the mains. To access the low oven element and to have a look at both elements we need to replace this back panel by unscrewing the screws. So once unscrewed put the back panel to the side, and here we can see all the electrical connections.

Now a good idea before you start any work on the electricals to take a picture of all the wiring just to be sure you know where it all goes and here we can see the thermal cut-out, these are the connections to the grill element. This the connection to the light, and lower down here we have the connections to the lower oven element. Now it’s always a good idea to use a multimeter to confirm the faults, so take one of the spades of connect the multimeter probes to the spade terminals on the element. And for a fully functioning lower oven element you should get a reading of around 50 ohms. for this lower oven element I’m getting no reading, so we’re going to need to replace it. Easy enough to do simply remove the baffle plate by undoing these two screws which hold it on.

Now inside there is a lot of sharp edges so do be careful. Next we need to disconnect the connectors and unscrew the earth wire by undoing this screw here. Next just need to undo these three screws and then slide the element out. Now being careful not to damage or disturb the insulation slide the old element out. You can then grab your new lower oven element and replace it again being careful not to disturb the insullation or cut yourself on any of the sharp edges.

With your new element in you can refit the screws re screw in the earth wire, attach the electrical connectors. And then reattach the baffle plate. With the baffle plate in place I can now reattach the back panel. So there we go, one lower oven element replaced on this Indesit K3E1 cooker. Remember we have plenty of other relevant videos on the espares website on fault finding, diagnosis and the replacing of parts.

And spares and accessories for this cooker and many other makes and models of appliance can be found on the website as well. Thanks for watching.