How to fix a washing machine door lock in a Hotpoint washing machine

Hi, I’m Rory from AustinAppliancePros. If you find that your washing machine door isn’t closing or locking properly, the problem is with either the door interlock or the door release mechanism. In this article I’m going to be replacing both the door interlock and the door release mechanism on this Hotpoint washing machine.

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Now if you can’t open your door at all, and it is stuck in the lock position, you can see me in another video manually opening the door from the inside of the machine. And if the problem is with the swing of the door, you can see me in another video replacing this hinge. Now, safety first: make sure your washing machine is unplugged before you start work on it, and there may be about a pint of water in the washing machine, so you may get a bit wet.

Now, I need to remove the seal in order to get to the door interlock and, to do this, I need to remove the retaining band.

So I’m just going to now do that by using a flathead screwdriver and placing it into the clip at the top and removing. I can now take this off and just remove a seal from around the interlock. Ok, I’m now going to unscrew these screws.

Now I can remove the old interlock and, as you can so, it doesn’t look too similar to the new one. However, this is just an updated model and will do exactly the same job.

Now I’m just going to unclip the clip from the old interlock and put it into the new one. And now I can just replace the new interlock and simply screw back up. Now I’ve put the new interlock in, I just need to put the seal and the retaining band back exactly as I found them.

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Now we’ve replaced the interlock, I’m going to replace the door release mechanism. To do that, I need to remove the door from the machine. So first, I’m going to remove these screws.

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Now we’ve removed the door from the machine, we have more room to work.

The door release mechanism is sandwiched between the inner door trim and the outer door trim, so I’m going to separate them.

Now we’ve removed the screws, we can just unclip the trim and now we can lift the bowl and the trim out. Be careful with that, you don’t want to be break it. As you can see, here’s our old door release mechanism.

It all comes as one part which we’re quite lucky with because sometimes they can come not assembled so you might have to put it together yourself.

Now I’m simply going to pop the new release mechanism in, grab the inner trim and bowl and simply replace.

As simple as that, just make sure that the hinge is in the same place. Now I’m just going to put the screws back and we should be ready after that to put the door back on the machine. There you go, interlock and door release mechanism replaced.

Thanks for watching.