Frigidaire Washer Repair – How to Replace the Drum Vane Baffle (Frigidaire #134509600)

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Hi, it’s Jack. Today we’d like to show you how to change a tub vane on your front-load washer. If yours has become loose or has broken off completely, it will need to be replaced, but it’s a really easy job.

Let me show you how we do it.

To do this repair, we’re simply going to open the washer door up completely, and, if the vane or baffle is still in place, you’ll need to remove it. To do so, there’s typically a hole in the very center that we’re going to put a thin blade screwdriver down through. There’s some locking tabs that hold that vein to the outer tub.

Once we feel that blade come up against the locking tabs, we’re just going to push down and push them away from the tub. Once we’ve loosened those tabs, we can then just pull that baffle forward and lift it up. A method that we use to remove that vane is to take a screwdriver.

We’re going to go down through that center hole, which will put us into this area. This is where you will find four little metal tabs that are part of the inner basket that are bent up against those flat surfaces. We will be using the screwdriver to push them down to allow that thing to slide away from them.

The first thing we want to do is to make sure that we don’t drive the screwdriver in too far because we’ll make a measurement for roughly how far that has to go in.

Just put a little bit of tape on your shaft or your screwdriver just as a guide. Locate that center hole. Once we bend all those tabs down, you should be able to pull that vane or baffle towards you, and then just tilt it sideways to release it.

That’s where the little metal tabs are. If you wish, you can just pry those up just a bit to keep them from grabbing anything outside the tub, but make sure that they’re all being flush with the surface.

Now when installing the new vane, you want to, first of all, make sure that the screw hole is on the left-hand side, and then we’re going to line up the six tabs with the keyhole slots in the surface of that inner basket. You may find it easier to install one side first and then squeeze it enough to insert the other side. Also, make sure that the leading edge on those tabs is not bent downward.

If anything, they can be tilted up just a little bit. When it’s laying, flush on both sides, front to back, put some pressure on it, and then push it straight towards the back of the tub.

That will lock it in place and should line up that screw hole, and we can secure with the screw that came with the kit. Make sure it’s tight and secure and then we can close the washer up, and your repair is complete.”