Frigidaire Range/Stove/Oven Repair – How to Replace the Main Top

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Hi, it’s Jack. Today, we’d like to show you how to change the cooktop on your range. It’s a really easy job. Let me show you how we do it. To replace this part, we will need to disconnect power to the range.

You either locate the electrical panel, turn off the appropriate breaker or remove the appropriate fuses. We’ll also have to access the back of the range, so you’ll need to pull it forward so that we can get at the back panel. To remove the old top, our next step will be to open up the oven door. Along the front edge, you’ll note there are three screws that secure that main top to a mounting bracket and there are two screws that secure that mounting bracket to the oven liner.

We take either of those out, we’re going to opt to remove the two screws that secure the bracket. We can then close the oven up again. Then we’ll just gently lift up on either edge and just pull that top slightly forward.

There are two clips at the back that slide into a slotted opening there. What we want to do, is make sure that those clips have a tab that is folded down so that they don’t pull all the way out. Normally, they’re just a straight clip, we want to put a little fold in them.

What we’ll do is, we’ll bend that tab down. We just take a flat blade screwdriver, just put a little bit of a fold in that clip. We’ll align this one back up in the back of that main top. Now we’ll just press down on it, just to put a little bit of a bend in it.

Now we’ll push that top back into position. We want to make sure that those brackets line up with that opening. Now when we push it in, those two tabs that we bent will prevent it from being pulled out easily.

Next, we’re going to raise that top. We’re going to support it with some type of a prop. Now, we’ve cut a couple of wooden sticks, about 24 inches long. We lift up that top with a little pressure towards the back. Make sure, you can support that weight.

Then we’ll put our two props in place. That will secure that top from moving. Take note of the location of the mounting screws on the edge. You may need somebody help support those elements as you remove those mounting screws.

We’ll do the same for the other bracket. Just carefully lay those assemblies on top of the insulation. Use caution with the surfaces of those elements.

That material is fairly brittle, we don’t want to damage those. Our next step will be to remove our support rods. Then, we’ll lower that top down, so that we can pull it completely off of the range itself. Just tilt it up enough. remove our supports.

Carefully, sit it down on top of those elements. Again, if it won’t pull through, we’re going to go to the back of the range, we’ll take that top access panel off of the back, we’ll straighten out those tabs, so that we can pull them off of that main top. Then, we’ll access that upper back panel, remove the screws that secure that to the cabinet.

Just lift it away at the bottom and lower it down. Then, we’ll set that aside. Now with that upper access panel removed, we now will be able to see those mounting tabs. If the center portion of those is bent down or up, we just simply need to just line it up parallel with the edges. Now, we’ll allow that bracket to slide out through that opening as those were attached to the main top, they need to be able to be pulled right out through.

Now, we’ll go to the front of the range again. We’ll just grasp that top, lift it away from the elements and pull up straight out through. We can then remove the mounting clips from that bar clip so that we can transfer them to a new panel.

We simply need to slide these hinge brackets off of the old top. We’ll set those aside to reuse. As well, we also need to take that front mounting bracket off. There are three screws that secure it to the main top.

If we’re going to remove those, we’ll save that bracket, so that we can reinstall that on our new top. We’ll discard the old one. Slide that mounting bracket underneath the front lip on that top. Then reinstall the screws. We’ll tighten those until we have all of them lined up.

Now, once they’re all lined up, we’ll tighten them securely. Then we’ll install the hinge clips on the back edge of that top so that we can line that up. Just put them roughly about an inch in from either side. Once we set it in place, we can line them up exactly where they need to be. Now we’re ready to put the top on the range.

With the main top back in place, we put our brackets lined up with the slotted openings, bend those tabs down so that it doesn’t inadvertently pop out on us. We’re going to tilt it up. We’ll put our supports in across the front. Make sure, it’s nice and secure. Then we’ll go ahead and install those mounting brackets with the elements on them.

Again, you may wish to have somebody to assist you with holding those in place. Carefully, line up the back ones. You may find with the new top that the porcelain is partially covering those screw holes, so you may have to push hard to get the screw started.

Tighten them all securely. Make sure our wiring harnesses are not stressed anywhere. Then, we’ll lower that main top down. We’ll open up the oven door, and reinstall the screws on the front. Now with the front secure, if you’ve removed the back, we’ll need to reinstall that.

Now when reinstalling that back panel, we want to make sure that we tuck the top edge of the panel in behind the lip on that console. We leave the two outer tabs on the edges out, then line up that screw hole in the center. Install that one. Line up the rear corners. Then put in the rest of the retaining screws.

Now we’re ready to push the range back into position. Now we’re ready to reconnect the power. Your repair is complete.