Frigidaire Range Repair – How to Replace the Fan Blade (Frigidaire # 318398302)

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Hi, it’s Jack. Today, we’d like to show you how to change the convection fan blade on your range. It’s a really easy job. Let me show you how we do it.

Before we begin this repair, you probably should disconnect power to the range. Simply pull it far enough forward that you can unplug it or locate the electrical panel, turn off the appropriate breaker or remove the appropriate fuse. Once we’ve done that, we can go ahead and do the repair.

Begin by opening up the door or remove the racks and any items that might be in the range and just set those aside, and then we can remove the cover for the fan. Now the racks removed, our next step will be to remove two screws that secure the cover on the top of that convection fan. Typically, Number Two Phillips Screwdriver.

Just set that aside. With the cover removed, we now have access to that fan blade. We need a 13-millimeter socket or wrench to remove that retaining nut and a pair of pliers to hold that fan blade steady. Use a left-hand thread on that nut, so we’re going to turn it clockwise while facing it to loosen.

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Use caution when working around the fan blade and just tend to be a little sharp to move that retaining nut. Just work that fan blade off of the shaft. Your opening in this has a one flat edge to give it a D shape so that the fan blade does not turn on the motor shaft. Discard the old fan blade. Verify that the new one is in good shape.

Just lay it on a flat surface and make sure all the blades sit flush. Then carefully line it up on that motor shaft. Reinstall the retaining nut. Again, remember that it is a left-hand thread, so we’re going to turn it counterclockwise.

Tighten it. Again, we’ll take a pair of pliers and we’ll grasp that fan blade. Just hold it steady, but not to bend blades at all and then tighten them up. Make sure the turn is free. You can then put the protective cover back in place.

Now, when reinstalling that protective cover, locate the single screw hole and just slide one of the screws into that, and let it hang from the top. Line up the screw in the bottom making sure that it’s moving side by side and the fan blade is in the center of that opening. Then we can install the second screw. Use caution that we don’t over-tighten those.

Now we’re ready to put the racks back in. Simply put the racks back in the position that you desire. We’re now ready to reconnect the power, and your repair is complete.”