Dryer Repair – Replacing the Maintenance Kit (Whirlpool Part # 4392065)

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Hi it’s Jack from AustinAppliancePros today we are going to show you how to install the maintenance kit on your dryer and it’s a really easy job all you’re going to need is a putty knife, a Phillips screwdriver, a 5/16ths nut driver and a small flat blade screwdriver, let me show you how we do it. Now before we begin this repair the first thing we’ll need to do is to disconnect the power to the dryer, if it is a cord on simply unplug it from the socket and if it’s a hardwire dryer you’ll need to locate the fuse panel and turn the power off at that point. We are next going to have to pull the dryer away from the wall and disconnect the vending because we will need to access the back of the dryer as well as the front, now the first step in disassembly will be to remove two screws that secure the top to the lint filter housing, set those aside now the main top is held to the cabinet with a couple of clips at the front you can either access them with a putty knife you know on either edge or stick pull slightly ahead on that top and lift upon it, and tilt it back and lean it up against the wall or have somebody to support it.

Next we are going to disconnect the wire harness to the door switch assembly, so the small flat blade screwdriver being under the edge of that connector and release the locking tab, separate the harness and next we are going to remove the front panel there are two 5/16 screws at the backside we’ll remove both of those, next we’ll tilt the panel forward you may need to support the drum and then we’re going to lift up on it slightly and disconnect the two hooks from the bottom of the front panel, there are two clips at the bottom of the cabinet that fit into some rectangular holes on the bottom of the front panel so we’ll set that aside, next we are going to release the belt from the idler, so reach in now release the tension on the idler then we’ll roll the belt off of the motor pulley, then we can support the drum with the belt and remove it through the front of the cabinet we’ll set that aside.

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Now the next step will be to move the triangular rings that hold the drum rollers in place so with the flat blade screwdriver just hook it in on the opening and pop them off, then you can slide the drum roller completely off of the shaft then we’ll remove the rear triangular ring as well and discard that make sure the shaft is clean and not scored and we’ll take one of the new rings that comes with the kit and push that all the way to the back be sure it locks into place and we’ll slide on the new drum rollers, be sure it turns freely then we’ll install another one of the triangular rings.

Then we’ll move over to the left hand drum roller your model may have a support arm for that drum roller which will need to be removed and I have this little 5/16 head screw I’m going to phase remove that first then it will have a push nut on here with the shaft which you’ll have to work off you can discard that push nut and again we’ll have a triangular ring pop that off with the screwdriver discard it and slide the drum roller off, remove the rear ring clean that shaft, make sure there’s no scoring on it then we’ll install the new triangular ring push that right to the groove at the back of the shaft install another new drum roller put the new ring on the front and we’ll take a support bracket and line that up at the end of the shaft and reinstall the screw in the bottom to hold it in place and we’ll take on e of the new push nuts that comes with the kit and press it on over the end of the shaft and you should be able to push that on with your hand but if you need to take a socket slide it over the end of the shaft press it into place make sure it’s secure and the drum rollers are on, now when you remove the belt from the drum the idler pulley probably fell off of its mounting spot in the base but let’s see it has a little hook on the end of the bracket gets into the larger of the rectangular slots on the base frame and then two locator tabs that fit into the one on the right hand side, now with the belt tension on the idler it will pull back and hold it firmly to the base. So we can discard the old idler assembly and the new one we’ll install basically the same way at front of the base bracket we’ll slide the new in the larger opening and he two tabs at the rear will fit into the smaller side, now typically it won’t stay in place while you’re putting in the drum in but to understand where it’s at will make it easier when you go to install the belt, now reinstall the drum and the belt wraps around it becomes difficult to see how it orientates it’s self around the idler pulley and the motor pulley, so we’re going to show you with the drum out of the way what’s it actually going to look like, it comes through the opening beneath the idler pulley and wrap around the motor shaft the belt will travel over the top of the idler of the right hand side of the drum and across the bottom and up the left hand side of the drum and the tension of the idler bracket to hold that belt tight against the drum and the pulley. So you need to make sure that that’s how the belt is positioned and just let the idler lay flat on the base of the dryer, well wrap the belt around the drum, put the groove side of the belt against the drum and we’ll lift it into the cabinet, and set it up on the rear rollers and make sure that it’s firmly on both rollers position the belt roughly in the center of the drum, then we’ll reach in underneath now hold that idler assembly into position, take the belt pull it over the top of the idler through that opening I just want to put some tension on that idler spring loop the belt around the motor pulley, and then we’ll rotate the drum a couple of turns just to make sure that it’s in proper position and that should also center the belt on the drum.

And now we can put the front panel on, so when we reassemble this front panel we want to make sure that these rectangular openings on the bottom of both sides fit over these clips and we’ll lower them into position now at the same time we’ll need to lift the drum so that it will sit on top of that felt, make sure that both corners are dropped into position again lift eh drum up make sure that it fits over that felt and you can rotate the drum a bit just to let it slide on easier, and then we can reinstall those 5/16 hex head screws remember to reconnect the door switch harness and make sure that it engages the locking tab, we are now ready to lower the main top where it will hook on to these two catches and then you just pull that a little bit forward till it snaps into position and then remember to put the two Phillips screws that hold the lint filter housing to the main top. Now we are ready to reconnect the exhaust vent and reconnect the power and our repair is complete, I told you it was an easy job, thanks for watching, and good luck with your repair.