Dryer Repair- Replacing the Drum Support Bearing (Frigidaire Part# 131825900)

flat blade     screwdriver

Hi it’s Jack from AustinAppliancePros. We decided to change the rear drum support bearing on your dryer, pretty easy job. All we’re going to need is a putty knife, Philips screwdriver, 5/16th nut driver and may be a flat blade screwdriver. Let me show you how it’s done. The very first step in this repair will be to disconnect the dryer from the power supply.

If there is a cord on it, just pull the cord out of the socket; if it’s hard wired we need to locate the breaker for this dryer and make sure the power is turned off. Next we’re going to take a putty knife on the clips in the front to the top, release them both, lift our top up. The top won’t support itself so we need to lean it up against the wall.

Now with the Philips screwdriver we’re going to remove two screws, one on each side that hold the front panel on. Now there is some retaining clips along each side that may be a little snug, so if the front panel doesn’t pull away freely locate those just by gently on either side. The clip may fall off of the front panel, but they mount very easily, just a matter of sliding in to the rectangular slot, snap them into place.

Lift up on the front panel, tilt it away, we reinstall that clip right now so we don’t lose it. Support the front panel against the cabinet. Next we need to release the belt on the idler, so we’re reaching over on top for the exhaust, find the idler pulley, pull it towards the left and with our right hand we’ll roll the belt off the motor pulley. Once we know the belt is free slowly release the idler.

Now with a firm grip on the belt we’re going to give it a sharp pull upwards to release the rear drum bearing. Now that we’ve got it free of the rear drum bearing, and slide it out through the front of the cabinet, it’s a fairly snug fit. Now we have access to the screws that hold the rear support bearing, 5/16th nut driver and before we remove these two screws just make sure that we have at least one of them snug, we’ll remove the other one. These screws go into a mounting clip on the back, if we can save ourselves having to crawl behind the dryer to hold that in place, remove one screw and try to pivot the bearing in a way, and we will stick that screw back in place, just to hold the bracket.

Now we can remove the other screw, there is a ball bearing right at the very center of that rear bearing, keep an eye on it, because chances are it’s going to fall out of place. Make sure we got it locked in and stayed, just locate it right in the center there, it’s covered with grease, we will need to reuse that and I have cleaned up that ball bearing, so we can see it little better, that needs to be installed on the new rear drum support, that will pop out through the back, there is a little recessed hole there that will sit into. We need to reuse that. Now before we reinstall this new rear bearing, I going to take a little bit of high temperature grease, smear it a little bit at the very back there, ball bearing will sit up against the spring clip and also act as mounting for that bracket, and we’ll put a little bit in the opening at the back of this bearing, just to hold it in place.

Set the bearing into its recess, carefully slide it down to line up on the screw holds here. Now if you’re having a hard time getting that screw started into the bracket you may need to reach behind the dryer and line it up again. Once we’ve got it started by hand with our 5/16th nut driver just snug it up a bit.

Now we can loosen the other one, take it out. Align the bearing up, reinstall that screw, again if we miss that screw holding that bracket you may need to reach behind the dryer to line it up again. Check and make sure our bearing is still in place, yes, it is. Now we can tighten both screws. Now we need to fill this cavity with that high temperature lubricant, that’s where our drum shaft is going to roll and so we need to fill up a good amount of that in there.

Now we’re ready to reinstall the drum, we’ll tilt it into the opening, I may have to lift up on this cross piece a little bit for clearance. Once we get it most of the way back, drape the belt around it, keeping the grooved side of the belt against the drum. Now we have to line up the tumbler shaft with that rear support bearing.

Lift that high enough that it will drop into place. Yeah, it’s firmly in place. Now we need to reinstall the belt on the idler pulley and the motor pulley. Again reaching over the top of the exhaust vent with our left hand across the top of the motor with our right hand, take the belt lay it across the idler pulley, pull the idler pulley towards the left, and rotate the belt around the motor shaft. Release the tension on the idler pulley, everything is in place, it turns freely, and we can see the motor is turning.

Now we’re ready to put the front panel on. We will position the front panel, keep lining up the slots in the base of the front panel with the tabs on the base, making sure the clips line up, we may have to lift up on the drum a little bit to center it around the door opening, and we’ll reinstall two Philips screws that secure the front panel to the cabinet, then we can lower the top down, locate the clips on the front panel, the openings in the top, snap it into place, and our repair is complete. And that’s how easy it is to change the drum support bearing on your dryer.

Thanks for watching, good luck with your repair.