Dryer Repair – Replacing the Drum Bearing (GE Part # WE3M26)

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Hi it’s Jack from AustinAppliancePros, today we are going to show you how to change the front drum bearing on your dryer and it’s a really easy job all you’re going to need is a Phillips screwdriver maybe a pair of needle nose pliers, let me show you how it’s done.

Now the first step in this repair should be to disconnect the power to the appliance if your dryer has a cord on simply remove it from the receptacle, if it’s hardwire find the breaker and turn it off. Now the next step in this repair will be to remove the main top so there will be access to the screws holding the front panel on now there are two screws that hold the top in place and locate it here and here, so we’re simply going to remove those, the two screws removed we’ll lift up on the front of the top panel, kind of tilt it so that it disengages from the control panel and we can set that aside. And there are two screws that hold the front panel in place and are located in each top corner, so remove those hold the front panel in place as you remove the last screw and we’ll tilt the front panel forward the drum will drop off of the drum glide and in the lower left corner there will be some wires that connect to the door switch, so we need to remove several of those before we can remove the front panel, take note of the color codes of ht wires and where they are located, and you may need a pair of needle nose pliers to remove the terminals, once we’ve removed those wires we can lift the front panel off of the base, and that will give us access to change the drum bearing.

Now we have the front panel removed we’ve just leaned it up against the dryer but this is a convenient spot to work on, we are going to replace this top bearing housing, now since we have it apart there’s a good chance to look at the actual drum glides check all four of them and make sure there’s lots of surface left on those, if they need to be replaced or if the felt runs in the lower half of the drum bearing, is torn or there is missing pieces you may want to get those patched before you complete your repair, now to remove it if your dryer has a lighter I’ll want to remove that bulb first, now it just simply snaps in place these two tabs at the top engage a little hook on the front panel.

Just disconnect those there’s a wire harness that runs up to a lamp on the assembly, pull that out of the way just tilt the bearing forward and lift it out of it’s slot, there are two hooks on either end that engage the lower half. If your drum has a light in we’ll want to knock this little plastic tab out discard that and we’ll engage two hooks on either end tilt it back into place and make sure we don’t pinch that wire harness, make sure the light right socket lines up and the channel that runs all the way around the inside parameter has to fall over the metal protrusion on the front panel, now that that’s in place we can take the old drum glides remove those simply slide them out, there’s a hole in one end of them that will and a short tab on the drum bearing so we’ll hook those on first and then slide the other end in place, there are two clear ones on the lower portion and two darker ones on the top.

Now before we reinstall the front panel you may want to clean any accumulated lint that is down in the lint opening and as well the wire harness that, that comes from the dryer that is going to connect to the door switch, has to tuck up underneath this plastic retainer, so I’ll make sure there’s room for that to happen and you may also want to crimp the ends of those female terminals so that they fit snugly when you reinstall them. The last thing we need to do is reinstall the light bulb, should turn in with three to four full turns, to make sure that it’s not cross threaded, now we are ready to reinstall, now we are ready to reinstall the front panel we’ll locate the square holes in the bottom of the front panel with the tabs that protrude from the base frame and line that up, next we’ll reconnect the wire to the door switch make sure all the electrical connections are secure, and we’ll tilt the front panel into place and we’ll have to lift up on the drum a bit to set it on top of the bearing and there’s a couple of tabs on the top of the front panel that line up with a slot in the cabinet, hold the front panel in place, now reinstall the two screws, now we are ready to put the main top in place you’ll want to locate those three slots with the three tabs on the control panel, make sure the control panel is firmly engaged with the top, and now we can reinstall the two long screws up through the front panel into the main top.

Make sure they are nice and tight, and our repair is complete, I told you it was an easy job, thanks for watching and good luck with your repair.